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Welcome ! It is our pleasure to introduce Nor Cal Recovery. We have been in business since 1962. We provide our clients with the highest quality of service and integrity. We look forward to establishing a mutually rewarding relationship with you.

The Three Shastas ~ The mountain, the lake and the dam The dam and lake are just over 60 years old, relative babies compared to the mountain. Mount Shasta is the second tallest volcano in the Cascade chain, but is considered to be the largest in size, with a 17-mile diameter and about 80 cubic miles in volume.


We have fully staffed offices and state-of-the-art security settings in our storage facilities We emply the latest technology to track current information for our clients We provide secure storage facilities for all personal property


REPOSSESSION: We regain custody of the client's property in a professional and legal manner to protect the investment of our clients and their reputation. STORAGE: We provide secure storage facilities for all repossessed property, including their personal contents to protect the investment of our clients. LOCKSMITHING: We can provide keys for any repossessed vehicle after repossession. SKIPTRACING: We provide secure storage facilities for all personal property.


Specific Types of Vehicles and Equipment: Automobiles Trucks Motorcycles Watercraft Heavy Construction Equipment Tractor-Trailers Luxury Vehicles Any Mobile Collateral We are professionals. Repossession is a Lifestyle Choice as well as a career decision. Knowledge of State and local laws and the ability to secure collateral safely is paramount in assuring that no damage comes to a Client's property or an Adjuster.  To submit a Request for Repossession simply click the link at the bottom of the page and fill out our easy to navigate form.  A representative will be in contact with you shortly after.

Nor Cal Recovery 7010 Danyeur Road Redding, CA 96001 PO Box 990178 Redding, CA 96099 (530) 246-1020 FAX: (530)246-0164 RAE 751 Repossession Assignment Form contact@norcalrecovery.com