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We have fully staffed offices and state-of-the-art security settings in our storage facilities We emply the latest technology to track current information for our clients We provide secure storage facilities for all personal property


REPOSSESSION: We regain custody of the client's property in a professional and legal manner to protect the investment of our clients and their reputation. STORAGE: We provide secure storage facilities for all repossessed property, including their personal contents to protect the investment of our clients. LOCKSMITHING: We can provide keys for any repossessed vehicle after repossession. SKIPTRACING: We provide secure storage facilities for all personal property.


Specific Types of Vehicles and Equipment: Automobiles Trucks Motorcycles Watercraft Heavy Construction Equipment Tractor-Trailers Luxury Vehicles Any Mobile Collateral We are professionals. Repossession is a Lifestyle Choice as well as a career decision. Knowledge of State and local laws and the ability to secure collateral safely is paramount in assuring that no damage comes to a Client's property or an Adjuster.  To submit a Request for Repossession simply click the link at the bottom of the page and fill out our easy to navigate form.  A representative will be in contact with you shortly after.

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